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Hola, Hello, and welcome to PrintableSpanish.com! Everything on this site is being created and maintained by one single person: Fran Lafferty. 😀 (click the link to see more of my work)   I had been providing updates on a different …

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My Unprofessional Raving: Updated


Mini-Update: Thursday, March 30, 2017: Sorry guys, I’ve been too distracted by life to make anything new for the sites these last couple weeks… Still don’t have a working vehicle 🙁 , fixin’ to get kicked out, unable to pay …

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Spanish Trading Cards LEVELS


  You can customize the Spanish Trading Cards game with ANY rules and creative gameplay ideas!   You can use the Trivia Cards separately or as part of the trading card game.   You can allow students to trade cards …

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Spanish Trading Cards Comments


    How do YOU use Spanish Trading Cards? What are YOUR ideas regarding STC, including things you’d like to see in future sets?   Share your comments below. Thanks! 😀        

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Spanish Trading Cards are HERE!


  Visit the Spanish Trading Card Page to get yours! … or read on for more information!     This is just one of a set of 228 double-sided Spanish Trading Cards that will be released this school year.   …

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Nuestros Amigos classroom display set


  This unique printable packet features a world map page with ten numbers, each referring to one of the included ten large cards. Each of the cards features a friend from one of the Spanish speaking countries of the world, their name, …

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Name Tags & Introductions


  This 11-page printable packet features a list of 48 Spanish first names (24 male & 24 female) and a name tag for each name.  It also has blank name tags and 2 versions of introduction conversation strips — formal (Ud.) and informal …

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Pick a Spanish Name


  This simple black and white 6-page printable packet is great for allowing students to choose a Spanish name to use in class — OR to use for reference when doing creative writing in more advanced Spanish classes.   Included are these pages: …

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Que Barbaridad: Fun Exclamations


  This fun 10-page printable packet features an introductory poster with 18 Spanish exclamations and translations, plus 27 signs for classroom display, each with a different fun exclamation. Middle school and high school Spanish students will love to use these …

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Conversational Expressions Handouts


  This unique set of 6 handouts or classroom posters features fun graphics and a wide variety of Spanish expressions for middle grades, high school, or adult language learners.   Included are these pages: Politeness More Politeness Positive Responses Negative Responses & Expressing …

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Beginning Conversations Handouts


  This 11 page packet includes: 3 pages of preset conversations — first introductions 4 pages of conversational and introductory phrases, to make your own conversations 2 pages of introduction to formal conversations with practice distinguishing formal/informal and familiar/unfamiliar (do …

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Free Cinco Piñatas review card game


  This simple card game makes a fun review at the end of the first year, beginning of the second year, or throughout the year for quick review. There are 4 different colors of piñatas, to be printed back-to-back with …

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Advance! Spanish Time game


  This unique printable game is great for practicing seasons, days, months, and telling time in Spanish!   Advance across the board, one row at a time, using Spanish vocabulary cards and tokens.  Full instructions are included on the first …

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Free Alphabet Worm activity


  This unique printable packet includes: a 2-page Spanish alphabet poster showing each letter, its Spanish name, and how to pronounce its name a 31-piece caterpillar puzzle showing each letter, its name and pronunciation, along with a Spanish word beginning …

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Welcome to PrintableSpanish.com!


HOLA, and welcome to PrintableSpanish.com!   This site features an assortment of colorful worksheet packets, printable games, and other printables useful for teaching and learning the exciting Spanish language!   Many of the items on this site are FREE, some …

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