City Shops in Spanish

Here is a complete mini unit and activity set to introduce and master 30 shops in Spanish, with ideas for adding your own!
Use the included graphics and labels to create a classroom map featuring 48 or more places about the town.

    Included in this 22-page printable packet:

  • Spanish-English translation chart
  • English-Spanish translation chart
  • 30 flashcards – graphic and Spanish name
  • 6 blank flashcards for creative use
  • 30 translation cards
  • shops graphics for making maps
  • extra buildings graphics and labels for map making fun!
  • 12 estar phrase cards (“Yo estoy en…”)
  • 12 location phrase cards (“estoy cerca de…”)
  • 2 crossword puzzles & answer keys
  • 1 word search puzzle & answer key
  • 1 page of ideas for using the packet

Visuals and activities are designed for use by a wide range of ages and skill levels.

Sample pages from this packet:

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