Free Ranas de Colores printable game

This cute little lotto-style game is a fun way to learn the feminine forms of color adjectives in Spanish!  Each card has the feminine plural form of the Spanish color to match the frogs in number and gender.

Included in this FREE printable colors in Spanish game:

  • 12 different playing boards, each with four spaces to cover – players can have 1 to 4 boards each, and the winner can be the first to cover all 4 spaces on any 1 board, or on all boards
  • 3 cards for each of 11 colors, plus 3 “Libre” cards that can be used to cover any space

Cards can be used to match the identical frog (shape and color) or just the color, and can be used for the regular lotto-style game, “memory” matching games, or even flashcards or “go fish” or “rummy” style games.

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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