Free Dedos del Pie noun phrases game

The Dedos del Pie game features 88 different Spanish noun phrases for extended vocabulary fun.

To play, use the noun phrase cards as a self-correcting independent activity, or have students draw one card at a time, read the phrase out loud, guess or pass to the group to guess the meaning, and cover one of the 10 toes if the correct answer is given.

Included in this game are:

  • 2-page playing board with 10 toe spaces to cover
  • 88 Spanish noun phrase cards
  • alphabetical list of English nouns represented


The noun phrase cards have the Spanish phrase in large fancy print, and the English translation written in very small text at one end of the strip.  These can be folded over or covered with a finger to hide the answers during use, then uncovered to check the answer given.

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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Click Here to open this free printable Spanish vocabulary game.

Please remember to use this printable packet for your own personal home or classroom use only.  If you wish to share it, please send your friends and followers to this page by clicking one of the social media buttons below — thanks!



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