Free Verb Wheels packet: present tense

Spanish Verb Wheels set — 18 pages — to practice present indicative tense conjugations and meanings.

— Each verb wheel has 8 different subjects and 8 different verbs for a total of 64 conjugations.

— Each verb wheel packet contains 6 verb wheels, 6 practice worksheets, and 6 answer keys!


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Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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Click Here to open this free printable packet.

Please remember that these materials are for your own personal home or classroom use only and may not be distributes by any means to anyone else.


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7 Responses to Free Verb Wheels packet: present tense

  1. sherry says:

    I love this idea but found a way to do it that is so much easier and less time consuming. I downloaded this yesterday and I love it. When I was cutting them out I discovered how hard it was to cut out all the little squares so you could see the verb endings. I made it easier by making a 3rd circle with the verb endings printed on it. I made it in 3 different colors of card stock and had them laminated. My students are loving it. My fellow Spanish teacher and i came up with a few specific activities to do with verb wheels as well.

    • mirror_eyes says:

      Thank you, Sherry. I’m not quite sure how you make this set work with a third wheel — I’d love to see a pic! 😀

    • Taby says:

      Hi sherry
      Yes you are right .i found it difficult myself and I don’t understand how you made it with the 3rd wheel
      May I see a photo of how you made if you still got them? Pls send me on my email
      Thank you

  2. Susan Segsworth says:

    We are going to start present tense verbs soon. I think this will be great! I have enjoyed the printables on your site. I have just returned to the Spanish classroom. I began school with only school curriculum (textbooks, videos, some workbooks) for two of my four preps and a few posters and flashcards. I have found many useful resources on your site. Thank you!

  3. Monica says:

    Love this. What a tremendous help.