Have Something to TRADE?


If you would like to receive a free membership to download materials from PrintableSpanish.com, here are some things I might consider trading:


  • SETS of AUDITORY vocabulary or phrases in Spanish — your clear-as-a-bell voice in Spanish saying a vocabulary title such as “la comida” and at least a dozen vocab words, one at a time (or a similar list of phrases). I don’t really like my voice and am not a native Spanish speaker, so if you’d like to earn a free membership, email me with your proposal, with or without an auditory sample. I would like to create some animated videos using Adobe After Effects, so I would need to have permission for use on this site as well as on YouTube.

  • COMPLETED worksheets, activities, games, or other printables. In other words, ones that are ready to add to the site, with answer keys and all. I am already overloaded with ideas, but would accept a limited number of high-quality printables to host on the site to members — or perhaps for free, if you prefer. I will not purchase exclusive rights to your materials, only trade a limited time membership in exchange for making your materials available to PrintableSpanish.com visitors. Contact me with your proposal, with or without samples attached.

  • I welcome your FEEDBACK and IDEAS for this site, and on occasion I may be willing to trade a limited time membership in exchange for ongoing help or a particularly helpful insight or idea. However, please be aware that I am running two dozen websites, Spanish being fairly low on my list of priorities, so I am really not interested in something that may take a lot of dedicated time to implement. Please stick to Spanish-specific suggestions — I am not interested in SEO or web development or other things I could do myself if I had the time or inclination, lol.


If you think you have something to trade, contact me using one of the email addresses on my Gravatar Page. Thanks! šŸ˜€


PLEASE NOTE: Due to my personal convictions, I will not accept or post anything for Dia de los Muertos, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, May Day, or various other religion-based holidays. I will happily do Cinco de Mayo and a few other fun political holidays, however. šŸ˜€




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