What’s Going on Here? :D

You may have noticed the changes going on around this website, and may be wondering what is happening.
In a nutshell, I have been giving away for FREE about 95% of the tens of thousands of pages of printable materials I’ve made over the past twenty years or so, and that has resulted in my current state of poverty and homelessness. While I still desire to make these resources available to everyone, I really do need to “wise up” and charge a little something for them.

Even while homeless, I still have managed to give at least $5 here and there to support other artists and people in need, so I figured that would be a good amount to charge for access to my own materials. Any less would be swallowed up by PayPal’s cut, lol.


$5 for 24 hours allows YOU to easily purchase a membership without risk. If you are disappointed with any detail, you have really lost nothing — mere pocket change even for us poor folk.
$5 for 24 hours allows ME an income based on repeat sales, at a price I can feel good about, still able to serve the worldwide community of educators who use my printables.


October 5th, 2017 was the last day that One Year and Lifetime memberships were sold. I may sell one or both for a brief period, perhaps starting the first week of January 2018. Until that time, only 24 hour passes will be available, but all previously purchased memberships will be honored.


If you feel you have paid for a membership that is not being honored, this is only a temporary situation that I have not yet been made aware of. It is NEVER my intention to deprive you of the service you have paid for! Therefore if you have paid for a membership that is still current and you no longer have access, please contact me ASAP with your name and the email address used on your account. I will work promptly to restore your access, and may even give you extra time, based on how fast you contact me and how much time you lost.

Thank you for your patience and support!
If you pray, I invite you to join me on my daily prayer blog, PrayingWithTheWord.net.

All my contact information and links to about half of my websites can be found on my Gravatar Page.


Will I be adding any NEW Spanish resources?
Probably, eventually. However, membership is now as-is without promise of anything added to it — just access to the thousands of pages of materials already available on this website, including all the old Premium files and all the old FREEBIE files. 😀
My immediate plans are to finish converting all the posts on this site to the new system; perhaps to initiate some incentives and bonuses and perhaps an opt-in newsletter for visitors; to convert all my other websites over to the 24 hour pass system; to continue practicing the dozen plus Adobe CC apps I am learning to use; to remake each of my two dozen plus websites using Adobe Muse and Dreamweaver and WordPress/PHP; and to try to find a home on wheels that I can afford, so that I can have a warm place to sleep and work this winter. 😉 Yes, I really AM homeless — you can follow my adventures through my daily prayer blog, mentioned above.

And if you are wondering if this site is still for sale, my answer is, “Possibly, but only to a very particular type of buyer.” I have not yet found anyone who is willing to purchase the site for a fair price AND still add valuable printable resources to it. If interested, you can contact me at the email address on my Gravatar Page — but please don’t waste time asking simply, “How much?” as my reply will be simply, “Tell me what you plan to ADD to the site.” 😛 Ty.





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