My Unprofessional Raving: Updated

Mini-Update: Thursday, March 30, 2017:

Sorry guys, I’ve been too distracted by life to make anything new for the sites these last couple weeks… Still don’t have a working vehicle 🙁 , fixin’ to get kicked out, unable to pay rent. Hubby and I prepared to leave with what we can carry on our backs (including my laptop so I can still make new printables and such!), but we really need God to provide a SAFE place for my daughter (who is 20) to go… Prayers much appreciated!! 😛

Update: Thursday, March 16, 2017:

Rejoice with me!
Tomorrow I am receiving a new laptop and a special backpack that will enable me to carry it around with me everywhere I go — so it looks like I WILL be able to add NEW stuff to this website and my other websites, even while I am homeless!! WOOT! 😀

If you pray, please add myself and my husband to your list.
We have 2 big 100amp batteries and 2 generators, but we still have NO WORKING VEHICLE yet!

If you want to know more, you can click the pic or links below…
… and stay tuned for more updates! 😉

Update from February 23, 2017:

Hello, and thank you for your visit.
Due to my bighearted but foolish habit of giving away my time and resources, I find myself facing uncertainty that may include a period of homelessness.

I may be unable to maintain the resources to ADD to this site, but as it is already paid for, it will continue here indefinitely, regardless of the difficulties I face personally.

My sincere thanks to each and every one of you who have encouraged me with words and/or financial inputs.
I pray that God bless each of you in some special way, unique to your own heart’s needs.

If you want to follow my plight, see what becomes of me, the only online presence I can be SURE to keep current (through my phone) is

You can see my other sites and contact info on my Gravatar Page, although as mentioned my situation is dire and I may soon find it too costly to even check email while I dig myself and my family out of this hole. I just don’t know.

Thank you for your prayers and well-wishes.
God is Faithful. 😀


Below is the original post from January 25th, 2017:

Hola and Hello.
Bienvenidos and Welcome, to the ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND VISITORS this site serves every month.
And THANK YOU to the ONE HUNDRED or so of you who provide financial support for this site and the materials offered here — about TEN noble souls per month!!

I truly do appreciate this super-tiny fraction of you! :O>

This is really shameful and unprofessional of me, but I will try to leave this post up for as long as my embarrassment can take it, so that anyone whom God wishes to read this, will have a chance to KNOW what I am going through.
~Thank you, to that kind, loving heart I know is out there — even if we never meet. (** HUGS! **)

So, here is where I am at:
Since I GIVE AWAY almost everything I make (like thousands of pages of printable Spanish FREEBIES!!), I have so little income that I am facing eviction for the second time in nine months.
I literally have 33 cents in my bank account!!!

[other morbid details removed]

Blame the president, blame the republicans or the democrats or the economy or your boss or whomever you like.
But the truth is, I am developing quite an aversion to the Spanish language because I have put so much into it, and gotten so little in return. :O<

And I don’t even TEACH Spanish any more — I have been creating all these materials for YOU — most of them for FREE!!!


So, here’s the deal…
I have a HEART for service, and I will probably never stop creating freebies and other printables for people to use.
But I am exhausting my heart and my creative energy by continuing to make new Spanish materials.
So, I will leave this site up indefinitely, as-is. But I think my dedication to it is SPENT.

Lifetime members will still have full access to everything, hopefully as long as I live.
Other members will still be able to access materials, and will be able to renew their membership, probably for years to come.
But because I receive so little support and encouragement for them, I no longer feel it is appropriate to keep adding NEW stuff several times each month.

I hope to eventually finish up the first six sets of Spanish Trading Cards, just because I believe in them.
They may be garbage — I honestly do not know, because I haven’t gotten any feedback on them, one way or the other. :O<

I may also still add some freebies. But for the most part, I’m going to instead put my heart and my energy into building my namesake website, And perhaps income will follow heart, as mine once did when I created my original website, Home Education Resources, back in 2004. I basically abandoned that site in 2012 to build Printable Spanish (THIS site!). My bad.


If you have read this far, you totally deserve a medal!!!
I wish I could hug you, cry on your shoulder, and listen to YOUR sorrows, in return.

If you wish to encourage me (even after my shameful speech), I really do appreciate every new member; I also have a place to accept donations (I’ve only gotten like two of those in a decade)… but I REALLY hope to find myself with some supporting Patrons in the coming months.
As you can see from my bank statement above, even four little dollars per month makes a difference to me.

Thanks for listening.
Pray for me, please
— even if you feel you can never send me a single word or a single payment. Thanks! 😀

And by the way, if you caught my LAST temporary post — the one about wanting to highlight and promote individual Spanish teachers on this website, I have given up on doing that for Spanish teachers because not ONE of you responded. I am instead promoting artists and other awesome people and projects on my NEW main website, Building that site may not increase my income — yet — but at least I’m doing something I BELIEVE in, something besides FORCING myself to make MORE Spanish for the hundreds of thousands of GHOSTS out there, lol. 😛

[click to download THIS freebie!]




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6 Responses to My Unprofessional Raving: Updated

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gosh, I just read your post. First time to do so, as I just joined your site over the past weekend while looking for some worksheets. Astonished and sad to see you’re abandoning your efforts here just as I’m getting going, but sometimes that’s the way. I think maybe the world of internet offerings has become crowded, and your marketplace is lost in that sea. Best wishes for everything good, and a reprieve from the bill collectors. Meanwhile, have you thought about looking for work interpreting, or going back to teaching? Hospital and court interpreting pay very well, and even teaching keeps the lights on. If you are home-bound for some reason, perhaps one of the telephone interpreting services could employ you? Again, – wishing you all the best!

    • mirror_eyes says:

      Thanks for your kind words, and I am truly sorry for the timing. I have been told multiple times that I have “the best” Spanish materials available anywhere, but I find that very hard to believe. As poor as I am, I still manage to support a few artists and other people who really deserve both written and financial support — such as what you are giving me (Thank you, thank you, thank you!!). And I get nothing in return from the peeps I support. So it just baffles me that only about 1 in 10,000 people that actually USE the materials I make actually have enough appreciation to show it by giving even $5 to support me. Since I cannot possibly hate people (not in my nature), I instead hate SPANISH now. Sad, but true. 🙁

  2. Tasha says:

    Hi Fran, I started studying Spanish 3 weeks ago, and only discovered your site today. I have downloaded some of your freebies to help me practice, and I am grateful that you have created them! I’ve sent through a small donation of $5 (I only have $1.48 in my account at the moment LOL) to show my appreciation, and I hope to visit your site again in future. Thanks for sharing your creations! Cheers, Tasha

    • mirror_eyes says:

      Hi Tasha, and thank you so much! I am continuously amazed how it is those who have the least who usually give the most. Bless you, Dear. 😀

  3. MaestradeEs says:

    Sorry to hear what you are going through. Have you tried Teachers pay teachers? For as much as you create you can make a bit of money there. I pray that you find the solution to your problem. Thank you again for doing the amazing job you do !

    • mirror_eyes says:

      Thank you, and yes, TpT is already my main sorce of income, along with members from this site. I am grateful for both. 😀