¡Nunca los lunes!

Here is a comical little game that is sure to get your students talking and perhaps laughing. Practice gustar verbs construction along with infinitive verb phrases and have a little fun figuring out which things you love, like, prefer, and would like — and which things you would declare, “¡Nunca los lunes!” (to add a little humorous element).

This FREE printable game is in black and white — very simple and easy to print and play. It includes a sheet of 2 game boards (5 spaces each) along with 2 sheets of cards (total of 32 verb phrases) and one sheet of blank cards. The goal is to fill each space on your playing board and be able to tell which verb phrase you chose for each, and why.

You may want to have students (or just those who finish early) write their own infinitive verb phrases on the blank cards — or send some home as homework for a lively game the next day! 😀

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