Poner La Mesa: Spanish Table Setting

This 10-page set features almost life size table items to cut out around, plus one or more flashcards for each item.

The pages are:

  • 1 page of “set the table” cards:  Pon la mesa, Ponga la mesa, Pongan la mesa, poner la mesa
  • 1 page of “clear the table” cards:  Recoge la mesa, Recoja la mesa, Recojan la mesa, recoger la mesa
  • el plato & el platillo
  • el cuchillo, la cuchara, el tenedor, los cubiertos
  • la servilleta, el mantel individual
  • 2 pages of just pictures (cards on pages before and after)
  • la taza, el vaso
  • el cuenco, la jarra
  • el pimentero, el salero, la pimienta, la sal

Easily adaptable, this set can be used for:

  • hands-on play, setting & clearing the table while saying the name of each item in Spanish
  • flashcard practice
  • matching cards and items
  • using cards to label items after setting the table
  • finding items on a table when flashcard is held up
  • bulletin board or other display


Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

printable flashcards spanish vocabulary set the table setting household items cards utensils  household vocabulary spanish setting the table pitcher bowl cuenco jarra

salt and pepper sal y pimienta spanish flashcards setting the table food eating dining vocabulary fun poner pon ponga pongan la mesa cards flashcards setting the table set fun stuff spanish vocabulary activities


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