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The following are materials that have been available through membership for some time now.
Everything on this site has been converted over to members-only materials, including all FREEBIES.
All materials in the Premium category shown below are getting updated as well. 🙂


funny spanish animal cards printable foreign language flashcards for kids vocabulary fun stuff   SpanBdays   HaceFrioCalor
spanish action kids printable common verbs cards with cute kid friendly graphics on     spanish action kids puzzle packet worksheets for kids verbs conjugation fun stuff homework
spanish verb conjugation preterite yo form spelling changes printable game for kids   spanish conjugation game for kids lend an end present preterite imperfect tense
spanish months days of the week seasons weather game printables lotto     printable gustar me gusta mas game on     printable spanish family matters game activity set with poster and cards  
printable spanish demonstrative adjectives game estas cosas      cuantos animales counting animals with Spanish numbers printable activity set      spanish digital time telling cards game activity set  
1800+ spanish vocabulary cards with full translation charts on      printable mas palabras more words vocabulary spanish game with pictures on cards      mas palabras more words spanish vocabulary game on  
advance spanish body parts vocabulary game for kids adult learners      advance spanish time telling seasons days months printable game      advance spanish adjectives vocabulary word list game printables  
advance spanish verbs common verbs vocabulary cards words game printables     poner la mesa spanish table setting household vocabulary flashcards fun stuff     nuestros amigos spanish speaking countries of the world classroom display bulletin board signs posters
spanish tener verb worksheets conjugation translation

en mi casa printable spanish house household home vocabulary game     printable en la playa classroom activity set colors in spanish beach fun swim play kids     los paises del mundo printable spanish speaking countries of the world game
free printable bulletin board wall display signs spanish exclamations fun stuff for kids     free printable spanish name tags and conversation strips on     deportes cards vocabulary sports spanish fun stuff for kids
printable spanish phrases expressions politeness answers responses conversations
printable spanish vocabulary puzzles for kids worksheets   simple spanish word search puzzles packet printable worksheets teachers
spanish printable names puzzles search-a-word fun  
printable classroom objects in Spanish worksheets puzzles fun stuff for kids     animals in spanish flashcards with vocabulary word lists printables for kids

printable spanish worksheets food words vocabulary puzzles fun stuff for kids     printable spanish worksheets parts of the body vocabulary puzzles







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  • Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Your site makes my life so much easier! Why reinvent the wheel when you are so helpful and awesome!!!

  • Good for does traveling abroad on remote towns for such languages not just for kids!!!!!!!

    I have tried arabic and Chinese F% € #!! HARD

    Having difficulty finding my other sheet to post
    My email. ….

  • Thank you so much for all you do! Your worksheets are so helpful! I just signed in for a yearly membership. You are awesome!

  • This is an amazing site. I’ve just signed up for a year. Quality, time saving resources. I particularly like the Trading cards (!)
    Thank you so much.
    Andy Jefferson, Learning Area Leader Languages other than English.
    Nexus International School (Singapore)

    • Thank you for the encouraging feedback. Hopefully, my situation will improve so that I can continue making the Trading Cards. 🙂

  • What grade levels are these materials for?

    • There are materials here for all ages — grades PreK to college level. However, I’d say the majority would fit best with middle school or high school students. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for saving my sanity. I have an odd “exploratory” class that only meets 1 time a week and I can’t go too indepth, but I can’t just so videos either. Your hard work helps me so much.

  • Thank you!!! My students really love doing your activities and puzzles.