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Hola and Hello!
ALL contents of this site, along with that of all my other sites, will soon be relocated to a single, secure new site that encompasses far more subjects than just Spanish. At that time, all visitors here will be automatically redirected to the new site and ALL PAID MEMBERS will have access to ALL printable materials there, not just the Spanish alone.

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Lifetime Memberships will be sold ONLY until site migration is complete. “Regular” (expiring) memberships will get you access to the materials as they are currently on the site, including less convenient files that are just single worksheets. Lifetime Members will have access to all those PLUS updated files such as collections of word search puzzles and mini unit packets (like the one shown above). NEW printables will be released for individual sale, and interactive activities for learners will be found on the new site as well. Lifetime Members will automatically have access to many of these NEW packets — while regular, expiring members will only have access to files as they currently are, for the length of time paid.


If you have questions or know someone who would be interested in purchasing the DOMAIN ONLY (the URL) — NOT the contents — of this site, please send me a quick note. My contact information is on My Gravatar Page.


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