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This is just one of a set of 228 double-sided Spanish Trading Cards that will be released this school year.

Each card front, like the one shown above, has a topic and title bar, a main content area, and three bottom blocks.
The left bottom block features a Spanish letter. Use collected cards to make Spanish words or spell out names of people and places.
The middle block features an interesting Spanish word. Look up these words to earn more cards or to meet criteria for leveling up.
The right block is the card number, to keep track of cards you may not yet have collected, as well as making runs of numbers for leveling up.

The main content area varies for each card. It may be a word family (usually a verb and related nouns and adjectives, etc), a set of related expressions or phrases, or even a map featuring Spanish place names or related adjectives (such as “centroamericano”).

Card backs can either be printed back-to-back with card fronts, OR they can be printed on separate paper and used to earn real trading cards (card fronts without any back).
Card backs are similar to trivia questions. There are question word cards with the name of a person, place, or organization (such as: “¿ Quién ? / Isabel Allende”). There are also vocabulary-related and other trivia questions. Each of these can be googled and/or answered using one of two reliable Spanish language websites: SpanishDict, and WordReference.



One sample set of 12 Spanish Trading Cards has been released free of charge for everyone, on August 23rd, 2016.
The first actual set of 36 Spanish Trading Cards was released along with the sample set.

Actual sets — 36 cards each — will be available exclusively for Members who have a current One Year or Lifetime Membership.
Besides the 12 sample cards, Spanish Trading Cards will not be available for purchase on any other website and will not be available to those with only a Monthly Membership.

I have provided ideas for earning cards and using them to advance through several “levels“. However, they are designed to be flexible enough for each teacher to customize their use to fit individual classroom needs and incentives.
Cards are all black and white to make it easiest for the greatest amount of people to print.
Too plain? Print them on colored cardstock (VERY inexpensive now!) and/or have students decorate them and make each card unique. Hold a “fashion show” for the cards, and award a prize to the student who has the most creative or most culturally specific decorations on their card(s).
You may want to have a weekly contest to see who can answer the most trivia questions, or who remembers the most words from the bottom center on each card.
You could reserve a few minutes at the end of each class period to allow volunteers to share an interesting word or phrase from one of their cards.
You could display trivia questions for the day or for the week on a bulletin board, and give trading cards or other rewards for being able to answer each one.

In a nutshell, these cards are designed to be tools for YOU to use to make YOUR classroom more FUN and engaging — with the perhaps sneaky side effect of exposing students to more Spanish vocabulary in a fun and memorable way!


There are a total of 228 cards in this year’s set, all to be released in the coming months.
Continued work on this project will depend on the response I get.

PLEASE add your voice — your feedback matters to me!
Either send me a personal message using the form below, leave a comment on the STC Comments page, or show your support by becoming a Member! But remember, only One Year and Lifetime Members will have access to Spanish Trading Cards.

This is my way of showing my appreciation for those who provide ongoing support for my work on this site. THANK YOU! 😀



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