Spanish Trading Cards LEVELS

You can customize the Spanish Trading Cards game with ANY rules and creative gameplay ideas!
You can use the Trivia Cards separately or as part of the trading card game.
You can allow students to trade cards or not; to collect cards as a group or a team; to quiz each other or only be quizzed by a teacher or group leader.

STC1a   STC1b

You can have students earn cards for certain grades, tasks, or classroom participation.
You can have them earn cards by answering the included Trivia Cards.

In short, the Spanish Trading Cards game is for YOU to exercise as much creativity as you desire!
Be sure to visit the STC Comments page to read about what others are doing, and to leave your own feedback and ideas. Thanks! 😀


If you wish students to be motivated to collect more cards by allowing them to advance through levels:

Click Here to view and/or print a checklist for advancing through Ten Levels — or use the last page to write your OWN checklists!


Above is an example from the file linked to above.
The file also contains a BLANK checklist for creative use.

About the levels checklists:

  • Everyone starts on Level 1 when they receive their first card
  • Each level includes 6 tasks to complete, plus any the teacher adds (there’s room for 3 more per level!)
  • To advance, students must collect a certain number of cards, collect consecutive numbers of cards, spell out words using the letters on the bottom left corners of the cards, collect a number of certain types of cards (like Word Families or Geography), pass two quizzes using randomly chosen cards from their deck — one seeking definitions of the words in the center of the bottoms of the cards and the second quiz over material in the main sections of their cards
  • Teachers can use these checklists as is, add their own tasks/criteria, or create their own checklists using the last page of the STC Levels Checklists

Random Quiz” (the last listed on each checklist — see above) = the teacher or group leader or a peer (your choice) asks the given number of questions from ANY of the cards from the participant’s deck of cards and the participant must get the given number of answers correct.
For example, “Random Quiz: 5 out of 8 correct” = Eight cards are drawn from the deck and the deck owner is asked to translate or provide something from the main section of each card. They must get 5 of these correct in order to advance to that level (in this case, Level 7).

I would also like to encourage you to provide some type of reward system for advancing through levels. This can be classroom-related such as earning a “no homework today” pass or extra time in the language lab. Rewards could also be a simple point system, earning points towards end-of-year prizes. No matter what reward system you design, you have the option of using the badges and progress sheet I’ve created:

STCbadges1a   STCbadges1b   STCbadges1c
— Click any of the pics to open the FREE printable PDF —


What ARE Spanish Trading Cards?
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