Spanish Trading Cards

Hola! and welcome to the Spanish Trading Cards page, where I will be adding new STC sets as they are released.

Here you will also find ideas for earning and using STCs and creating a fun system of advancing through levels!

CLICK HERE to open your own copy of the Spanish Trading Cards Sample Set — available for FREE to everyone!
(if you have any trouble, try holding down the Ctrl key while clicking the link)

Let’s take a look at two cards from the sample pack:

SpanishTCsampleCard   SpanishTCsampleCard2

You can see that the top line on each card (above the title bar) has two parts: The card-specific topic and the general topic.
These can be used to advance through levels, such as:

  • Collect 8 Vocabulary cards
  • Collect one or more Geography cards
  • Collect two cards that feature Expressions
  • Collect at least 4 Word Family cards

Of course the “meat” of each Spanish Trading Card is its main section in the center.
Use these as part of class time and/or to advance through levels. For example:

  • Share one of your favorite words or phrases out loud with the class
  • Swap cards and ask the original owner to recall words and phrases from their card
  • Swap cards and have 2 minutes to memorize as much of the new card as you can
  • Play a guessing game by presenting a phrase from a card and three translation choices

The bottom line of each card offers even more activities and ways to advance through levels, such as:

  • Use letters from the bottom left corner to spell out Spanish words and names
  • Look up the word in the center: Who can learn the most new words in a daily or weekly competition?
  • Memorize 5, 10, or even 50 center words to advance to the next level
  • Collect 3 reflexive verbs, 5 adjectives, or 10 nouns (center words) to level up
  • Collect 3 or more cards with sequential numbers, from the bottom right corner of the cards

Click Here to get ideas and a printable checklist for STC levels!


Now, how about the card backs — “Trivia Cards” — the other half of the printable files?

Here are examples of these, from the sample pack:

spanish language learning classroom trivia cards trading set free samples

You can use these “card backs” as actual backs to the cards, creating double-sided cards. However, I realize this may not be practical for everyone, so they can also be used several other ways, as separate “trivia cards“:

  • Use completely independent of regular Spanish Trading Cards as a weekly trivia game, as homework, or as extra credit
  • Give Spanish Trading Cards as rewards for correctly answering some number of these trivia cards
  • Hold a competition to see who can find the most answers to these cards in a week or in a marking period
  • Give each student a copy of each PAGE of 6 trivia “cards” and use instead as lotto boards, marking each square answered
  • Hang the trivia cards as a bulletin board display, or have them in a bin for ready access
  • Have students collect trivia cards as part of the STC system to level up by collecting a certain number of types of cards

To find answers to the trivia questions, I suggest sending students to Google, SpanishDict, and WordReference.


How will YOU have your students earn their Spanish Trading Cards and level up?
Share your ideas on the STC Comments Page! 😀


Yearly and Lifetime Members! Click the links below to access complete sets of Spanish Trading Cards!
Each set is a printable PDF file like the sample set, but each consists of 36 Trading Cards AND 36 Trivia Cards (card fronts and card backs).

Spanish Trading Cards Set 1: Cards 001 to 036

STC1a   STC1b   STC1c   STC1d


Spanish Trading Cards Set 2: Cards 037 to 072

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Spanish Trading Cards Set 3: Cards 073 to 108: Coming Soon!
Here’s a sneak-peek of the first page: