Spanish Vocabulary for fun!

Remember WHY you found studying a foreign language so intriguing?
It wasn’t knowing how to speak and conjugate verbs properly — it was learning all those weird words and phrases! 😀

Add a little more FUN to language learning with this packet of 4 mini units complete with activity worksheets, word lists, and flashcards. It includes everything you need to infuse your Spanish language program with some extra vocabulary practice (great for AP classes!) or to keep the Spanish flowing over holiday vacations.

*** This affordable packet would make a GREAT foundation for summer learning fun! Use it yourself or recommend it to students and their parents! ***

Included in this packet:
— 4 vocabulary word lists (Spanish to English), 1 for each unit
— 28 activity worksheets, 7 for each unit
— a Master List of vocabulary used, English to Spanish
— 225 vocabulary flashcards (Spanish on top, English on bottom)
— full-size answer keys

Vocabulary used is “funky and fun” — not your ordinary classroom fare — click the pics to see what I mean.

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

printable worksheet puzzle fun activity spanish vocabulary summer homework practice fun printable spanish vocabulary activity worksheets parents teachers summer homework spanish vocabulary summer fun worksheets mini units homework parents rain rainy weepy crybaby spanish vocabulary fun puzzle activity worksheets

You can easily purchase and download this printable packet from TeachersPayTeachers, TeachersNotebook, PayLoadz, or the Australian Teacher’s Marketplace.


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