Possessive Adjectives Worksheet 1


In response to a visitor who recently requested some possessive adjective worksheets, here is a simple little matching and translating exercise, complete with answer key (on page 2). Match 16 possessive adjective phrases that use family, clothing, and general nouns… …

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Positive Character Traits Puzzle


Here’s a fun and easy worksheet for any skill level, practicing 32 Spanish adjectives.   Find the 19 defined character traits and the 13 Spanish-English cognates in the word search puzzle — 32 positive Spanish character traits in all! Then …

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Adjective Cognates Crossword 1


Here is a simple and easy crossword for any time during the year. It features 19 English-Spanish adjective cognate pairs such as activo-active, paciente-patient, and serio-serious.     Click Here to open this FREE Spanish puzzle and answer key!   …

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Estar Conjugation w/Adjectives


Here is a very simple little worksheet from the old website that features 10 subject-adjective sets to convert into Spanish sentences by conjugating the verb ESTAR. An answer key is included, and 2 examples are provided on the top of …

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Peludo y Velloso


This fun little crossword puzzle and answer key set features 23 Spanish adjectives including the words for hairy, fluffy, noisy, quiet, sharp, dull, open, closed, and refreshing.     Click Here to open this free printable Spanish worksheet and answer …

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¿Cómo es?


Here is a challenging word search I based upon a particular Spanish teacher’s online word list. If you would like your own word lists turned into puzzles, let me know by sending it to my PayPal email address (see the …

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Mi Familia Interesante


This simple worksheet prompts students to create sentences describing their family members in Spanish using the simple formula below. Mi + (13 family/pet vocabulary terms) + (no) es + (27 Spanish adjectives).     Click Here to open this free …

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Advance! Spanish Adjectives game


  Use this unique printable game to practice Spanish adjectives. Advance one row at a time across the board and back again, using circle cards and tokens. Full instructions for play are included.   Sample pages from this packet — …

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Estas Cosas: demonstratives game!


  Practice the 12 Spanish demonstrative adjectives with this simple, colorful game.   This unique printable packet includes: a playing board with 3 distances (near, farther, far away) 48 demonstrative adjective cards (4 of each type) 36 colorful noun cards …

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Free Adjectives Opposites cards


  This simple set of 48 adjective cards make 24 pair of opposites.   On one card there is the front of a silly cartoon cat, and on its mate there is the back of the cat, hanging on a …

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Free Spanish Articles activity set


  Use this printable activity set for a fun way to practice the 8 Spanish articles: — el, los, la, las    — un, unos, una, unas   The set includes 4 definite article cards, 4 indefinite article cards, 4 stand-up 3D …

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1800+ Spanish Vocabulary Cards!


  This printable packet is 114 pages long and contains over 1800 single-sided vocabulary cards: Spanish nouns such as la luz, el rey, la calle, los muebles, and el fin Spanish verbs such as subir, jugar, pedir, acertar, deber, and …

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Free Ser, Estar, and Adjectives worksheets!


  If you teach Spanish, you will love this colorful set of helpful worksheets and answer keys!   Printable Spanish worksheets in this packet include: introduction to estar w/conjugation practice practice with personal pronouns and conjugating estar introduction to ser …

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