Los Mamíferos


Here is a fun little word search puzzle worksheet featuring 25 mammals in Spanish. There are also eight pictures to label, some found in the puzzle and some not. Have students look up any words they are unfamiliar with, and …

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Funny Animal Cards


This fun set is available to PrintableSpanish.com Members ONLY — you can’t get it anywhere else! 😀 In this printable card set you will find 48 different animal cards plus 20 cards with alternative vocabulary, such as la lechuza/el búho …

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Animal Parts Word Merge


Here is a fun puzzle worksheet that features a dozen Spanish-English word pairs mixed up, all around the theme of animal parts (hoof, fins, claw, mane). Follow the example to figure out how to solve the puzzle, and use the …

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Stork Verb Cards


Here is a cute little set of 9 verb cards, each featuring one or more storks doing various things — hugging, singing, skating (and falling), relaxing… and 5 other actions. This set includes 10 verbs total, three of which are …

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Black & White Animal Cards & Lists


  This simple set of 60 animal cards each features a picture of an animal and its name in Spanish (with article). It also includes 6 alternate vocabulary cards, for your convenience — just in case you call an owl …

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Simple Search Puzzles 1


  Each of the six simple search-a-word puzzles in this printable packet includes 12 Spanish vocabulary terms in a related topic. Each word is accompanied by a black and white graphic.   Topics in this packet include: common verbs animals …

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Free Animals Worksheets!


  This large printable packet is 30 pages of fun with Los Animales!   Included in this free worksheet packet are all of these: introductory poster on farm animals simple labeling worksheet and answer key on farm animals introductory poster …

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Cuantos Animales — counting animals in Spanish!


  This printable activity contains 2 separate sets: match the animal group card to the Spanish translation (such as seis gatos) match the Spanish phrase to the animal group picture   The two activities do not overlap — i.e., there …

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Free Spanish Animal Friends cards


  This free printable set consists of 40 large, quarter-page cards for young children in preschool, kindergarten, first grade, or second grade to learn the Spanish names for forty different common animals.   Sample pages from this packet — click …

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