Los Colores Puzzle Fun


Here is a fun worksheet featuring 2 Spanish colors puzzles! Fit a dozen colors into a crossword puzzle, using the colors themselves as clues. Next find 21 Spanish color words in the word search puzzle. The word list is sure …

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¿Qué color?


Here is a free Spanish colors worksheet that can be used by any age learner. It features 11 color words in a crossword puzzle, a dozen Spanish color words spelled out in a word box, and spaces to write six …

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Free Ranas de Colores printable game


  This cute little lotto-style game is a fun way to learn the feminine forms of color adjectives in Spanish!  Each card has the feminine plural form of the Spanish color to match the frogs in number and gender.   …

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Free Colors in Spanish worksheets


  This free Colors in Spanish worksheet packet includes: a one-page poster with colors and Spanish names a simple search-a-word puzzle & answer key a one-page poster introducing masculine/feminine and single/plural forms of color adjectives a worksheet to write the color …

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Free Los Colores activity set


  This free printable activity set covers a dozen different colors in Spanish: negro, blanco, gris (black, white, grey) marrón, rojo, rosa (brown, red, pink) anaranjado/naranja, amarillo, verde (orange, yellow, green) azul, morado, azul claro (blue, purple, light blue)   …

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