Tú and Usted Worksheet


Here is a simple worksheet for practicing formal versus informal speech, using the personal pronouns tú and usted, along with common introductory Spanish phrases. First, circle Tú or Usted, according to the situation described. Then, fit the 15 Spanish words …

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Empecemos a Conversar


Here’s a fun little take-home or busy-time puzzle worksheet that coordinates well with the other Beginning Conversations FREEBIES on this site. Find 32 of the first Spanish words ever learned in the search puzzle, then match the English and Spanish …

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Here is a simple black and white FREEBIE handout for beginning Spanish students to get familiar with greetings, farewells, and introductions. Enjoy! 😀     Click Here to open this free printable Spanish first conversations handout!   NEW printable Spanish …

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Name Tags & Introductions


  This 11-page printable packet features a list of 48 Spanish first names (24 male & 24 female) and a name tag for each name.  It also has blank name tags and 2 versions of introduction conversation strips — formal (Ud.) and informal …

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Conversational Expressions Handouts


  This unique set of 6 handouts or classroom posters features fun graphics and a wide variety of Spanish expressions for middle grades, high school, or adult language learners.   Included are these pages: Politeness More Politeness Positive Responses Negative Responses & Expressing …

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Beginning Conversations Handouts


  This 11 page packet includes: 3 pages of preset conversations — first introductions 4 pages of conversational and introductory phrases, to make your own conversations 2 pages of introduction to formal conversations with practice distinguishing formal/informal and familiar/unfamiliar (do …

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