Mi Familia Interesante


This simple worksheet prompts students to create sentences describing their family members in Spanish using the simple formula below. Mi + (13 family/pet vocabulary terms) + (no) es + (27 Spanish adjectives).     Click Here to open this free …

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Free Family Vocabulary worksheets


  This Fran’s Freebies free printable worksheet packet on family vocabulary in Spanish includes: 2-page introduction poster/handout fill-in-the-blanks worksheet translation worksheet (with numbers) matching worksheet 2 crossword puzzles search-a-word puzzle   All worksheets come with full answer keys.   Sample …

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Spanish Family Matters activity set


  This unique printable activity set contains a variety of fun things to do to practice family and relationships vocabulary in Spanish.   There is a poster showing family relationships, people cards with names, “es el __ de” relationships cards, and 2 worksheets …

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