Lend an End game


This fun printable game for most ages can be used by groups or individuals to practice conjugating: Regular -ar, -er, and -ir verbs in the present tense Regular -ar, -er, and -ir verbs in the preterite tense Regular -ar, -er, …

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Funny Animal Cards


This fun set is available to PrintableSpanish.com Members ONLY — you can’t get it anywhere else! ­čśÇ In this printable card set you will find 48 different animal cards plus 20 cards with alternative vocabulary, such as la lechuza/el b├║ho …

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Prepositions of Place Cards


Here is a simple set of 9 cards, each featuring a cute graphic and one or more prepositions or prepositional phrases. I have tried to include appropriate variations to accommodate everyone. Of course, the cards can be used as an …

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Clothes Cards for Little Ones


Here is a sweet little set of a dozen clothes cards for the little ones. Where two or more options for vocabulary terms existed, the simplest or easiest to pronounce were chosen (for example, “el ba├▒ador” instead of “el traje …

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Deportes Cards


This set of 27 cards features 22 different sports in Spanish, with 5 duplicates to allow for alternative terms (for example, you can use the card for baloncesto or for b├ísquetbol). Each card has the noun without an article, along …

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Food and Fun Articles Cards


Here is a small set of cards that can be used for simple vocabulary learning, or for more advanced grammar concepts (like conjugating verbs according to the subject or making adjectives agree with nouns in number and gender). There are …

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Black & White Animal Cards & Lists


  This simple set of 60 animal cards each features a picture of an animal and its name in Spanish (with article). It also includes 6 alternate vocabulary cards, for your convenience — just in case you call an owl …

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Poner La Mesa: Spanish Table Setting


  This 10-page set features almost life size table items to cut out around, plus one or more flashcards for each item.   The pages are: 1 page of “set the table” cards:┬á Pon la mesa, Ponga la mesa, Pongan …

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Free Cinco Pi├▒atas review card game


  This simple card game makes a fun review at the end of the first year, beginning of the second year, or throughout the year for quick review. There are 4 different colors of pi├▒atas, to be printed back-to-back with …

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Free Numbers to 10 set!


  This┬áfree printable packet contains everything you need to introduce numbers 1 to 10 in Spanish to little kids!   There are two sets of cards — half-page size and quarter-page size.┬á There is also a full-page poster and a …

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Free Adjectives Opposites cards


  This simple set of 48 adjective cards make 24 pair of opposites.   On one card there is the front of a silly cartoon cat, and on its mate there is the back of the cat, hanging on a …

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Free Spanish Articles activity set


  Use this printable activity set for a fun way to practice the 8┬áSpanish articles: — el, los, la, las┬á┬á┬á — un, unos, una, unas   The set includes 4 definite article cards, 4 indefinite article cards, 4 stand-up 3D …

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1800+ Spanish Vocabulary Cards!


  This printable packet is 114 pages long and contains over 1800 single-sided vocabulary cards: Spanish nouns such as la luz, el rey, la calle, los muebles, and el fin Spanish verbs such as subir, jugar, pedir, acertar, deber, and …

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