YO! Preterite card game


This simple and fun card game will allow Spanish language learners to practice the orthographic spelling changes in the yo (first tense singular form) preterite tense of verbs that end in -zar, -gar, or -car.   Pages from this packet …

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Que Tiempo puzzle worksheet


Here is a free puzzle worksheet featuring 13 weather phrases in Spanish and their 11 English translations. After matching these, find 15 words from the phrases in the puzzle, plus 10 more weather-related terms. All the words in the puzzle …

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Cognates Crossword 6


Fit these 16 Spanish words into the crossword puzzle, using the English clues. A Spanish word box is included so that even the earliest beginners can do a good job and have fun with the Spanish language. 🙂     …

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Me Duele Poster


Here is a cute little page for kids of all ages. There are nine endearing animal graphics and ten health-related sentences in Spanish. Put this up on your classroom wall or pass out copies and use it as a foundation …

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Cognates Crossword 4


A stylized dragon and lion grace this easy Spanish crossword puzzle which features the cognates dragón and león along with 22 other words that sound alike in English and Spanish. A handy Spanish spellings word box is included on the …

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Match Your Environment


Here’s a fun puzzle for students learning about the natural world in Spanish. Search for 32 environmental vocabulary words, then match a dozen more words and phrases to their English translations. An easy way to add an extra assignment, filling …

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