¿Qué Te Gusta Hacer?


What do you like to do? For each phrase, tell what you do and do not like to do, following the example. Students must supply their own unique verbs, verb phrases, and or other terms. Use this free worksheet for …

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¡Nunca los lunes!


Here is a comical little game that is sure to get your students talking and perhaps laughing. Practice gustar verbs construction along with infinitive verb phrases and have a little fun figuring out which things you love, like, prefer, and …

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Que Deportes


Here is a simple little worksheet that needs no answer key at all. Have students sort the 16 different sports into those they generally do like, and those they generally do not like. They can then use the list to …

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Beyond Gustar and Amar


This one-page worksheet introduces Spanish language learners to some new and useful expressions of affection. Practice the difference between Te amo and Te quiero and between Me gustas and Me encantas. Learn how to say, “I’m crazy about you” and …

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Free Reflexive Verbs & Gustar Worksheets


  This 20-page set introduces both reflexive verbs and gustar and verbs that follow gustar-like patterns.  No answer keys are given in this packet, but only some pages could use one — there are several pages of introduction and composition which need no key. This packet includes: a …

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Me Gusta Más printable game


  This unique printable game uses lotto-style playing boards and cards to practice using the verb GUSTAR.   Included in this game packet are: 4 different full-page playing boards, each with 12 spaces to cover 25 English translation cards 27 picture …

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