2000+ Spanish-English Cognates!


This list took me almost 3 weeks to complete, but the result was 17 pages (3 columns each) and over 2000 Spanish words! I hope this list comes in handy for some of you out there, either as a reference …

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Cognates Packet


Here is a little 4-page packet explaining English-Spanish cognates along with some common Spanish spellings such as -mente instead of -ly and -ción or -sión instead of -tion. Click the pic below to see the first page, a lesson in …

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El Medio Ambiente


Here is an organized list of 52 Spanish vocabulary words called El Medio Ambiente — The Environment. The handout features a group of water-related words such as lago and arroyo, a group of land-related words such as isla and llanura, …

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Black & White Animal Cards & Lists


  This simple set of 60 animal cards each features a picture of an animal and its name in Spanish (with article). It also includes 6 alternate vocabulary cards, for your convenience — just in case you call an owl …

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