Possessive Adjectives Worksheet 1


In response to a visitor who recently requested some possessive adjective worksheets, here is a simple little matching and translating exercise, complete with answer key (on page 2). Match 16 possessive adjective phrases that use family, clothing, and general nouns… …

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Food and Fun Articles Cards


Here is a small set of cards that can be used for simple vocabulary learning, or for more advanced grammar concepts (like conjugating verbs according to the subject or making adjectives agree with nouns in number and gender). There are …

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Free Spanish Articles activity set


  Use this printable activity set for a fun way to practice the 8 Spanish articles: — el, los, la, las    — un, unos, una, unas   The set includes 4 definite article cards, 4 indefinite article cards, 4 stand-up 3D …

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1800+ Spanish Vocabulary Cards!


  This printable packet is 114 pages long and contains over 1800 single-sided vocabulary cards: Spanish nouns such as la luz, el rey, la calle, los muebles, and el fin Spanish verbs such as subir, jugar, pedir, acertar, deber, and …

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Free Dedos del Pie noun phrases game


  The Dedos del Pie game features 88 different Spanish noun phrases for extended vocabulary fun.   To play, use the noun phrase cards as a self-correcting independent activity, or have students draw one card at a time, read the …

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