Positive Character Traits Puzzle


Here’s a fun and easy worksheet for any skill level, practicing 32 Spanish adjectives.   Find the 19 defined character traits and the 13 Spanish-English cognates in the word search puzzle — 32 positive Spanish character traits in all! Then …

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Simple Search Puzzles 2


The first set in this series featured 6 word search puzzles with a uniform 12 words each. This set is slightly more challenging, with 15 or 17 words per puzzle. The format is the same, with a picture accompanying each …

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Razas Search


Find 40 race and nationality words in this FREE Spanish puzzle worksheet. Answers can be any direction except backwards or upside down. Although words can run “backwards” diagonally from upper right to lower left, you will never find them straight …

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People and Activities


This simple worksheet is actually based on the first lesson of Rosetta Stone Spanish. Practice writing the words for man, woman, boy, and girl. Then match those words and their plurals with English translations, along with several simple action verbs. …

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Nuestros Amigos classroom display set


  This unique printable packet features a world map page with ten numbers, each referring to one of the included ten large cards. Each of the cards features a friend from one of the Spanish speaking countries of the world, their name, …

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Spanish Family Matters activity set


  This unique printable activity set contains a variety of fun things to do to practice family and relationships vocabulary in Spanish.   There is a poster showing family relationships, people cards with names, “es el __ de” relationships cards, and 2 worksheets …

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