Possessive Adjectives Worksheet 1


In response to a visitor who recently requested some possessive adjective worksheets, here is a simple little matching and translating exercise, complete with answer key (on page 2). Match 16 possessive adjective phrases that use family, clothing, and general nouns… …

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¿Qué Te Gusta Hacer?


What do you like to do? For each phrase, tell what you do and do not like to do, following the example. Students must supply their own unique verbs, verb phrases, and or other terms. Use this free worksheet for …

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Empecemos a Conversar


Here’s a fun little take-home or busy-time puzzle worksheet that coordinates well with the other Beginning Conversations FREEBIES on this site. Find 32 of the first Spanish words ever learned in the search puzzle, then match the English and Spanish …

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Searching Through Time


This free worksheet features 16 time-related words and phrases to match between their Spanish and English versions, along with a word search puzzle in which to find and circle 20 more time-related words.     Click Here to open this …

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Tener Expressions Cards


Here is a set of 16 free printable cards in full color for use as flashcards or room display. Each card features a Spanish sentence starting “Tengo…” or “No tengo…” and uses a tener expression such as tener miedo de, …

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Beyond Gustar and Amar


This one-page worksheet introduces Spanish language learners to some new and useful expressions of affection. Practice the difference between Te amo and Te quiero and between Me gustas and Me encantas. Learn how to say, “I’m crazy about you” and …

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Conversational Expressions Handouts


  This unique set of 6 handouts or classroom posters features fun graphics and a wide variety of Spanish expressions for middle grades, high school, or adult language learners.   Included are these pages: Politeness More Politeness Positive Responses Negative Responses & Expressing …

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Tener Worksheets


  This 24-page worksheet packet includes everything you’ll need to teach the verb TENER (to have): — introduction to tener, with conjugation — 1 worksheet practicing conjugating tener — introduction to tener expressions — 16 phrases using the verb — …

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