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Hola, Hello, and welcome to PrintableSpanish.com! Everything on this site is being created and maintained by one single person: Fran Lafferty. 😀 (click the link to see more of my work)   I had been providing updates on a different …

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Spanish Trading Cards are HERE!


  Visit the Spanish Trading Card Page to get yours! … or read on for more information!     This is just one of a set of 228 double-sided Spanish Trading Cards that will be released this school year.   …

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Lend an End game


This fun printable game for most ages can be used by groups or individuals to practice conjugating: Regular -ar, -er, and -ir verbs in the present tense Regular -ar, -er, and -ir verbs in the preterite tense Regular -ar, -er, …

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Hace frío / Hace calor


This fun little game is available only to PrintableSpanish.com Members — it is not available for free or for sale anywhere else! 😀 Fill your playing board with either six ¡Hace frío! cards or six ¡Hace calor! cards — or …

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¿Cuántos Años Tiene Usted?


This fun lotto-style printable Spanish game practices: numbers 1 to 100 asking and telling age using “– y un” before a noun   Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:         Included in this …

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Food in Spanish — 16 Puzzle Packet


This set of 16 puzzles and 2 word lists includes everything you need for your students to master food vocabulary in Spanish! Whether you just want a couple extra pages for homework or two weeks’ worth of daily practice, this …

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Free Food Puzzles!


This little 4-page puzzle packet includes two puzzles and their full-size answer keys. Need a little FREE help learning those many food vocabulary words in Spanish? The first puzzle — a crossword — features 31 food words in Spanish, with …

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Spanish Vocabulary for fun!


  Remember WHY you found studying a foreign language so intriguing? It wasn’t knowing how to speak and conjugate verbs properly — it was learning all those weird words and phrases! 😀   Add a little more FUN to language …

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En La Playa classroom activity set


  This 14-page printable beach themed set is only available to PrintableSpanish.com members.  It includes: 2 title strips (“En La Playa”) for wall displays 3 noun cards and 3 verb cards (beach words) colors at the beach poster (11 colors …

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En Mi Casa board game


  Follow the path through the house while collecting items from each room in this colorful board game for all ages. Players advance along a path through the house, landing on one of two types of spaces. On an oval …

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Welcome to PrintableSpanish.com!


HOLA, and welcome to PrintableSpanish.com!   This site features an assortment of colorful worksheet packets, printable games, and other printables useful for teaching and learning the exciting Spanish language!   Many of the items on this site are FREE, some …

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