Positive Character Traits Puzzle


Here’s a fun and easy worksheet for any skill level, practicing 32 Spanish adjectives.   Find the 19 defined character traits and the 13 Spanish-English cognates in the word search puzzle — 32 positive Spanish character traits in all! Then …

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¿Cómo es?


Here is a challenging word search I based upon a particular Spanish teacher’s online word list. If you would like your own word lists turned into puzzles, let me know by sending it to my PayPal email address (see the …

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Mi Familia Interesante


This simple worksheet prompts students to create sentences describing their family members in Spanish using the simple formula below. Mi + (13 family/pet vocabulary terms) + (no) es + (27 Spanish adjectives).     Click Here to open this free …

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Free Ser, Estar, and Adjectives worksheets!


  If you teach Spanish, you will love this colorful set of helpful worksheets and answer keys!   Printable Spanish worksheets in this packet include: introduction to estar w/conjugation practice practice with personal pronouns and conjugating estar introduction to ser …

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Free Ser & Estar Game


  This super-simple game gives Spanish teachers a quick and easy way to help students practice conjugating ser and estar — those terrible twin “to be” verbs that all Spanish students must master.   Included in this free printable game are: …

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