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Calendario Worksheet


First match 16 day-and-date Spanish phrases with their English translations, then find 28 Spanish calendar words from the phrases in the puzzle below. Finally, see how many times you can find the word “mes” in the puzzle. This should keep …

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Searching Through Time


This free worksheet features 16 time-related words and phrases to match between their Spanish and English versions, along with a word search puzzle in which to find and circle 20 more time-related words.     Click Here to open this …

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Calendario 1


When I compiled the many pages of time worksheets I had in order to create the free Spanish time worksheets file, the program added more space between lines within word boxes, messing up a couple pages by cutting off the …

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Free Time & Weather Worksheets!


  This colorful 25-page worksheet packet covers: telling time in Spanish the seasons the days of the week the months telling the date writing about the day including all of the above telling about the weather concepts of time (such …

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Spanish Digital Time cards


  This set of 48 printable cards — 24 pair of clocks and matching time in Spanish — is not available for free, but can be purchased for less than two dollars from TeachersPayTeachers, PayLoadz, or the Australian Teacher’s Marketplace. …

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