Hace frío / Hace calor


This fun little game is available only to PrintableSpanish.com Members — it is not available for free or for sale anywhere else! 😀 Fill your playing board with either six ¡Hace frío! cards or six ¡Hace calor! cards — or …

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Time and Weather Lotto


A colorful way for students of almost any age to practice weather phrases, seasons, days of the week, and months of the year! Included in this printable game packet are 8 different playing boards, 37 draw cards, and 3 “LIBRE” …

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Que Tiempo puzzle worksheet


Here is a free puzzle worksheet featuring 13 weather phrases in Spanish and their 11 English translations. After matching these, find 15 words from the phrases in the puzzle, plus 10 more weather-related terms. All the words in the puzzle …

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