Tener Worksheets

This 24-page worksheet packet includes everything you’ll need to teach the verb TENER (to have):

introduction to tener, with conjugation
— 1 worksheet practicing conjugating tener
introduction to tener expressions — 16 phrases using the verb
— 10 more worksheets practicing tener and its expressions, including translations (English to Spanish and Spanish to English), matching, and more conjugation practice

There are worksheets devoted to estar/ser/tener, tener que/ tener ganas de, and telling someone’s age using tener. There is also one worksheet that reviews the conjugations of many verbs along with tener (regular verbs such as vivir, comer, and llevar, as well as ser and estar).

All practice worksheets include a full-page answer key.  There are a total of 2 introduction sheets and 11 practice worksheets and answer keys.


Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

printable worksheet spanish verb tener conjugation sentences printable worksheet handout introduction to tener expressions spanish verb phrases printable spanish worksheets tener ver conjugation sentences spanish worksheets matching tener expressions translations printables handouts homework


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