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FranLafferty.comHola, Hello, and welcome to PrintableSpanish.com!
Everything on this site is being created and maintained by one single person: Fran Lafferty. 😀
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I had been providing updates on a different page, but I decided to spare newcomers that drama and just lay out a brief history here and a space to provide any relevant updates.
Thank you for your patience and support!


Most recent update:
September 11th, 2017:

Since I will soon be selling this website, I will be moving personal updates to wISLEd.net and/or FranLafferty.com. DAILY updates and more personal stuff will continue to be found at PrayingWithTheWord.net.


Thanks for your support, through prayer and well-wishes, as well as words of encouragement and financial contributions over the years. Adios, Amigos!! :O>



Brief History

I began my online contribution via one website: Home Education Resources in January 2005.

After building up my printable product base in ALL areas (math, preK-1, language arts, sci & ss, etc), I finally began to make serious progress when I added all the hand-made Spanish curriculum I had designed for my oldest son, and offering members-only access to all my printables through that one site.
In October 2012 my old web host and software provider in Europe went out of business, and I started over from scratch on a WordPress platform, this time spreading my resources over a dozen different websites rather than just the one.
That was about a month after my husband had suffered a pretty severe injury resulting in BOTH of us losing our income at the same time. We never really recovered from that dual financial devastation.
Fast forward to 2016 when I started blogging daily on PrayingWithTheWord.net, gave up my car for lost (no money for repairing it well enough to pass Texas state inspections!) and the stunning strike against us of not one but TWO bosses in a row going under and not paying my husband for weeks or months worth of work he did! Bad luck? Not until his truck died just before Thanksgiving Day 2016, leaving us with NO transportation and NO money for repairs!
For the next several months, every time we got up enough money to put towards a vehicle, through my meager income plus selling my husband’s tools and such, we had to give it all to our landlord and to the utilities companies. Talk about a frustrating situation! If you’ve been there, you have my deepest respect for enduring it!!



Now What?

Thanks to the mercy of God and of our human landlord, we have been able to forego rent and save some money by offering up almost everything we own for sale online. On May 4th, 2017, we used almost every penny we had to finally purchase a truck (Mr D!), but this is no around-town, get-back-to-work vehicle!
Facing homelessness for months on end, and being fed UP with paying every penny we earn for a bunch of wasted space in a falling-apart trailer in a gridlocked neighborhood, we have instead gotten ourselves a vehicle with the intent to turn it into a HOME on wheels! 😛


Homeless Nomads

Have you ever been homeless? I have, a few times in fact — even while pregnant, with a couple other small children in tow. And not for days but for months at a time, living out of a van and washing cloth diapers in freezing cold water. I’ll have to tell you some of those stories sometime…
But this time is different. The youngest of my four children is 20 years old now, and I am instead struggling with the fluctuating hormones of pre-menopause and the crazy effect of double-vision. LOL. Can you relate? 😥
But God is Faithful. He has been slowly preparing us for this adventure. I have a laptop (my Lenny, below) and a subscription to Adobe CC and I am planning to not only continue adding printable products to my websites, but also to redesign each one of them AND to develop an online portfolio of digital services for potential clients — most of whom might be people we meet at low-cost campgrounds and other places we travel in the coming months and years.

Lenny the Laptop 😛

  • No house, and all its conveniences
      (like running water and internet!)
  • But no rent and utility bills, either!
  • Facing the Unknown every single day
  • Every person we meet is either a Friend… or just a memory

Perhaps you aren’t sure whether to pity me or envy me, lol.
I know… I feel that way, too! 😀
But this is the life I’ve been given, and I believe very strongly in being REAL and making the best of whatever cards you’re dealt, and USING whatever is given you. Yes, I am an incurable optimist. LOL


Previous updates:

June 7, 2017:


Mr. D. is currently in storage mode, and I am trying to adapt as fast as I can to all these changes. I have internet today while visiting my son who is taking triple-pace summer semester college classes, but in a day or two I may just leave my Lenny behind with him for safe keeping — this is not a good time to have delicate electronics onboard. My plans for updating and adding to my sites, as well as for our YouTube channels, may be put on hold for a time.
Please keep us in your hearts and prayers, Dear Visitors and Friends. Thank you. 🙂


August 1st, 2017:

I have just released my FIRST YouTube video EVER – about my Simple Man (my fellow Homeless Nomad!) and the Original Simple Man, Ronnie Van Zant. I dedicated this first video to my mother-in-law, who dedicated the song “Simple Man” (Lynyrd Skynyrd 1973) to her son long ago. May the man we both love forever remain Simple, Wild, and FREE! 😀

Well, I have gotten some Mighty Fine practice using the Adobe CC suite. The video above uses elements created in Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Audition. It was composed within Adobe After Effects CC and contains 48 layers and hundreds of transformations (visual and auditory effects).

What do you think? Am I off to a good start with my first video?
If you’d like to send feedback or request some video production for your own project, Contact me sometime! 😀


August 9, 2017:

Haha, it looks like my first video production “client” was my niece Karlie, who has dreamed of creating her own YouTube channel. She’s visiting myself and her Nana (grandmother), my sister, so I helped her create her FIRST video, below:
(if you subscribe to her YouTube channel, she will LOVE it…!) 😀


[August 21st update on wISLEd.net]


More Info:

DAILY updates — follow my story AND my faith, lol. 😆






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